• The lust of becoming of the world-existence

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    20-03-2019 0 comments

    The lust of becoming of the world-existence

    Now the lust for growth, the germination and growth strength of the world existence wants to enter into the self of the human being . In this way the magic in which the spirit of the world lies is broken, and this development becomes accessible to the self.... read more...

  • The near world day

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    13-03-2019 1 comments

    The near world day

    Last week it was love that was awakened in the heart by the certainty of worldly thinking. Now the inner life offers the rays of hope to the coming world day. We now feel the power of being, and the clarity of thought expresses this, while it is aware of the growth of the mind, as it took place in the outwardly dark wintertime.... read more...

  • Love in the heart

    by Mosmuller

    06-03-2019 2 comments

    Love in the heart

    The powerful thinking described last week now comes to us as light from the heights of the world, as a certainty of world thought. The mighty rays of light bundle together to awaken love in the heart of the human being. True love is born out of the thinking of the human being that turns outwards from itself to thinking of the wo... read more...

  • The strength of thinking

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    27-02-2019 0 comments

    The strength of thinking

    In nature now the germ and growth force comes up and gives the impressions of the senses that always shine, more life. This natural lust for becoming needs the thinking power that corresponds to it, and is strengthened in autumn and winter by the divine forces in the human inner self.... read more...

  • The power of memory

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    16-02-2019 1 comments

    The power of memory

    In this week Spring gives its foreboding. The clear thinking that we developed in winter time now is becoming benumbed by the starting of growth in nature. With our willpower, however, we can recall our winter-strength and through this even give it the force to behold...... read more...