• Music

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    18-12-2019 1 comments


    We dive deeper into the foreboding of the Christmas mystery. The famous composers have composed music to the Credo in their masses. I remember my being deeply touched when I realized that Bach, who was not a Catholic, had written music for the credo 'Et credo (in) unam, sanctam, catholicam et apostolicam ecclesiam&#... read more...

  • Advent

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    11-12-2019 1 comments


    The more our mind becomes a 'computer intellect', the more difficult it becomes to perceive atmospheres related to the seasons and the annual celebrations. This intellect makes sure that the mood movements evoked by the changes in the course of the year are no longer experienced in the bright light of the day. During the... read more...

  • Thinking without the brain

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    04-12-2019 16 comments

    Thinking without the brain

    When we look back to Krishna, Zarathustra, Adam Kadmon, we can see the images that point to an original ideal human being, who is ideal and original at the same time, and who has a perfect outer and inner shape. We can see it as a great cosmic example which was there in the beginning and can be there in the future again. The I i... read more...

  • The intuitive knowing experience of the I

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    27-11-2019 1 comments

    The intuitive knowing experience of the I

    In the quote from Rudolf Steiner's autobiography last week, the distinction emerges between sensory perception, where we are sure of the being of the object as long as we have the perception of it, and I-perception, which is a continuity, and the experience in meditation can even give the certainty that it was there before b... read more...

  • Knowing without using the physical body

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    20-11-2019 4 comments

    Knowing without using the physical body

    If in my mind I live in conceptions which rest upon the sense-world, then, in my direct experience, I am in position to speak of the reality of what is experienced only so long as I confront with sense-observation a thing or an event. My sense assures me of the reality of what is observed so long as I observe it.... read more...