• COVID-19: humanity under siege

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    11-02-2021 11 comments

    COVID-19: humanity under siege

    The NOS published a report on an article that appeared in the German newspaper ‘Die Welt’ about released emails from March and April 2020 showing that government leaders asked questions to scientists in order to get a mental grip on the situation, which could help to plan measures of a preventive and repressive natur... read more...

  • Vaccination passport: on agnosticism and the no-good-feeling

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    05-02-2021 3 comments

    Vaccination passport: on agnosticism and the no-good-feeling

    In the World Economic Forum (WEF) Davos 2021 document on the vaccination passport, one specific word stands out: agnostic. The vaccination passport will be a document that gives data of the person in question in an agnostic way. In the theory of knowledge and philosophy, agnosticism is that you cannot achieve true knowledge, tha... read more...

  • The limitless moral paternalism of one single opinion

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    28-01-2021 3 comments

    The limitless moral paternalism of one single opinion

    One of the striking phenomena of opinion formation is the moralizing trend that is there now. This is a kind of dictatorship of morality, which in itself is of course contradictory. But man is a being with an individual conscience, and in moral matters he engages individually with that conscience. And although we are dealing wit... read more...

  • COVID-19: the lie rules

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    20-01-2021 4 comments

    COVID-19: the lie rules

    The facts are the facts, and you can hide those facts for a long time with lies and sophisms, but they remain hard facts. History teaches us that those facts always come to light in the end. We have only just seen this in the case of the allowances affair (NL): the facts eventually come to light. This can go through a lot of suf... read more...

  • COVID-19: the helplessness of science

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    14-01-2021 3 comments

    COVID-19: the helplessness of science

    The scientist believes that the mind of the human being, or the algorithms and computer models created by humane, are able to fathom what measures should be taken and whether those measures are effective. But the measurements that science makes are merely a determination of a complex of variables that apply at that single point ... read more...