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Gradually the world wakes up to the introduction of 5G. So much has been published about it that it is almost impossible to escape the awareness of 5G. It is also discussed in anthroposophical journals. An interesting article by Jeremy Naydler appeared in the September issue of 'Der Europäer', and there was also a contribution on this subject in the Swiss magazine 'Gegenwart'.

The call for awareness and study of the phenomenon is extremely important and is done in this way. The awareness of the spiritual-scientific significance of radiation is also underlined. But a feeling of powerlessness comes over us when we have to realize that stations are also set up outside the earth, from where the earth is irradiated with electromagnetism.

The question then arises as to whether we humans can bring anything against this. Is it enough to protest, to study and to be aware? I am always surprised to see that the real solution given in anthroposophy is not even mentioned.

About that next time...

Mieke Mosmuller

5G by Mieke Mosmuller

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  • From Maureen Havas-D’Andrea @
    I truly look forward to your continued research on this topic. Rudolf Steiner did say that his most important work was Philosophy of Freedom
    For me one of the answers lies in continuing study with this work but I wish to hear from others about any other protections we might seek - for all of humanity, not only Anthroposophists
    Thank you
  • From Lola @
    Dear Mieke, Have you heard of/read the following book : Humanity's Last Stand, The Challenge of Artificial Intelligence, A spiritual -Scientific Response by Nicanor Perlas
  • From Machtekld Rippen-Veenker @
    Ik ook: vorige week kreeg ik het tijdschrift "Die Drei' in handen. In dat nummer stond een groot artikel over 5G. Aan de ene kant ben ik blij dat ik op die manier meer inzicht krijg in wat er in ons en om de aarde heen zich afspeelt of af gaat spelen. Blij is natuurlijk een omstreden uitdrukking voor de onhandigheid, de bijna wanhoop die zo groots ontstaat te beschrijven, omdat ik niet lees wat wij vanuit de Anthroposofie in handen hebben om te dóen. En dat maakt me dan des te wanhopiger omdat we het groeiende innige denken naar de geest, dat wij mogen mogen en kúnnen doen, overslaan in de oplossing van een weg naar genezende wakkerheid.
  • From Michiel Suurmond @
    Goeie afbeelding. :-)
  • From Josef Kaltenberger @
    Ich finde es sehr, sehr wichtig, dass Sie dieses die ganze Erde bewegende Thema 5G ansprechen.
    Und bin gespannt, was Sie aus der Anthroposophie heraus bringen werden!
    Danke und freundliche Grüße:
    Josef Kaltenberger