A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story


Mieke Mosmuller

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A long time ago, people knew a lot more than they know now... Today's people think they are very smart and they actually are, but they don't know much. In that time, a long time ago, for example, people still knew that we are connected to God and that what they knew expanded throughout human civilization...

After that there came a time when people didn't know that very well anymore, but they did have a lot of wisdom and that wisdom spread over the whole human civilization...

After that there came a time when that wisdom was a little forgotten and so people didn't know anymore that they were connected to God and they weren't very wise, but one thing was left and that was that they knew that you can get back everything that is lost if you know how to sacrifice something. That's why they made sacrifices in the hope that they would still get back what was lost.

Then came a time when people didn't believe that either. But they still watched the starry skies at night with reverence. The way you see the moon, you also see a lot of stars and to us they don't really have a meaning. Learned people only measure the distances ... but in those earlier days, people could still read in the stars, as we learn to read in a book - and it was always said: Once a star will appear in the sky that has a very great significance. That's not just a star like any other star, but that star points to a very specific place on earth. There the king of wisdom, the king of communion with God and the king of sacrifice will be born. There love itself will be born...

If you get up early in the morning - in winter it doesn't have to be that early, but in summer you have to get up very early to see that - then you see the sun rise, and if you now think you would walk to the country where the sun really rises, then you would have to walk for a very, very long time, maybe a whole year, and then you would reach the part of the world from which three extraordinarily wise men came, who had seen the star in the sky. They were not just ordinary men; they were great kings filled with wisdom, with communion with God, and with will to sacrifice.

They could see that star shining in the sky, and all three of them knew - although they lived very far apart - that they had to go where that star pointed to.

So they came together and each of those three men had something with to give as a gift...

The first had a gift with him that was a reminder of the time when people still knew they were connected to God. The second brought a gift that was a reminder of the time when people were still wise, and the third brought a gift that was a reminder of the time when people knew they could get everything back through the sacrifice.

And so they went together from east to west, from the land where the sun rises to the land where the sun sets. They were led by the star in the sky, and when they came to the land called Galilee, because they were kings, they first sought out the king Herod They didn't think that the King Herod might be afraid and jealous of that newborn king, they didn't think that he would fear losing power over his kingdom... But he did! King Herod showed no sign of that. He also didn't know where the three wise men from the east could find the newborn king and he asked them to come and tell him when they had found him...

The three kings continued their search and found their way thanks to the star. They found the child Jesus and gave it all the honor that mankind could give to this child in the form of the three gifts that were a reminder of times when people still believed in God and were wise and could sacrifice. In this way, the child received all the values that mankind had in earlier times.

They brought the newborn king incense, gold and myrrhe. And they didn't go back to Herod to tell him where they'd been.

I have already told about the golden heart that the child Jesus was and had... Here we find the story of the child Jesus who not only had a golden heart but also his head, shining with wisdom. Around his child's head were rays like the sun with in it the great cross of wisdom.

Not everyone could see it, but the kings saw it, it had guided them because it shone like a star at the sky...

Mieke Mosmuller

A Christmas Story by Mieke Mosmuller

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  • From Mieke Berendsen @
    Dank je wel Mieke! Gezegende dagen gewenst..
  • From Alexander @
    Thankful is our remembering of ourselves in Jesus, and his corrective thoughts of forgiveness, healing, and peace.