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So now we have assumed that there really is a pandemic. Whatever you want to call it, there is a type of flu worldwide, a viral infection caused by a corona virus, which can lead to serious complications, namely double pneumonia, which is a threat especially to old and already sick people. Now the question is: Are there any other ways to protect oneself than just by avoiding contamination? 

The virus can only survive if it has a host. If we could reject it as a host, it would not be able to survive. But the global measures are only aimed at avoiding contamination, nothing else seems to be recognised. I heard that when searching on Google for homeopathic doctors or even psychologists, the warning about COVID-19 appears. This already seems suggestive: Do not search for such solutions, obey the measures! It doesn't matter that one (obeying the measures) and the other (strengthening one's own power) would still be possible at the same time, because the other side, that of the host, is only for enthusiasts and vague idealists.


Positivity and hope

Well, so be it. What can we do to stop the virus from choosing us as hosts?

Positivity! That may be the most important force. A strong I-working forms a shield. The I is not meant here as an ego, but as 'self-government', as an instance of freedom and mastery over one's own being. Even in times in which this self-governance - like today - is being oppressed, the possibility remains to administer one's own being.

One can free oneself from the distress by freely choosing to follow the measures, even if they are perhaps nonsensical: Think, feel and do nothing that you do not understand, choose and then do from within your own self-management. In this way one can free oneself. One will look at the figures and statistics with astonishment, not accepting the conclusions earlier than one has examined them. Then one will find, for example, that...

- on Wednesday, the number of deaths is said to be 80 today, which brings the daily increase to a halt, because since Saturday the number has not been over 50.., (NL newspaper).

- then something incomprehensible is added about the fact that 80 is not representative because it is a number that covers several days..,

- then the next day the number goes up to 112 in one day and it's supposed to still be an improvement... in relation to the 50 on Saturday.

Obviously one is ''taken by the nose'' and if one does not notice it, one loses autonomy and weakens, and is 'degraded' to a possible host. 

One can face a possible contamination full of fear. But one can also remain calm towards the virus and consider it objectively. Then one does not develop any psychological similarity with the virus, but opposes it, rejects it as it were. This is not carelessness, but a serious striving. The virus won't like living in a house that understands, sees through...

One can still do exactly what the regulations prescribe, simply because one wants to. If one experiences the abyss between the real risk of contamination and the measures, one can still remain calm and cooperate, is that not so?



Fear of contamination corrupts love. But the present calm in life that has come into being might make it blossom again. Perhaps we remember that life on earth is actually about love, which we develop among each other? Autonomy also means love.



This strong I-working can be supported by meditation, so that one learns to feel what it means to completely unite one's I with one's thoughts. If one then chooses a content that, for example, has an anxiety-relieving effect, then one has a strong weapon. For example the verse by Rudolf Steiner (1919):

Victorious Spirit
Flame the powerlessness
Of timid souls.
Burn the egotism,
Light the pity,
That selflessness,
This life stream of humanity,
May well as source
Of spiritual rebirth.

Sieghafter Geist
Durchflamme die Ohnmacht
Zaghafter Seelen.
Verbrenne die Ichsucht,
Entzünde das Mitleid,
Dass Selbstlosigkeit,
Der Lebensstrom der Menschheit,
Wallt als Quelle
Der geistigen Wiedergeburt.


Life Processes

But then the I has to become effective even further into the unconscious. It does that when it handles the life processes as much as possible.

- Make sure that the lungs are well ventilated with fresh air: breathe in and out deeply, several times a day.

- Make sure that the temperature does not fluctuate too much - also not too much heat.

- Sleep should not be too long, because if it exceeds the right level, a kind of rotting will occur.

- The diet should contain as little protein and fat as possible and plenty of minerals and cereals. (Minerals and carbohydrates maintain the physical body and the I, too much protein and fat promote rotting and rancidity).

- Pay attention to sufficient drinking - not too much either - and a good excretion.

The other processes of life cannot be influenced, they will surely find the right balance by the above measures.


Media and technology

And then the most important thing: finding the balance in the use of all technical means and media. Looking at something else instead of the screen as often as possible, reading a book, preparing a meal, doing spring cleaning, gardening, playing with children, etc.


The ringing bells

In the Netherlands, the bells of the churches ring on Wednesday evenings from 19.00 to 19.15, a gesture in the Corona crisis. I think this also touches non-believers. Why? Traditionally, they go silent on Maundy Thursday evening and do not return until the Easter Vigil. They are the sign of Christ's resurrection.

Those who are able to have in Christ the most powerful protection of all.

One need only ask Him.

Mieke Mosmuller

Autonomy by Mieke Mosmuller

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  • From Annelies Willems-Heijnen @
    Dit geeft zoveel hoop...
    • From Mieke Mosmuller @
      Dat is fijn om te horen, lieve Annelies!
  • From Neeltje @
    Mooi beeld, die ruiter te paard, samenwerkende eenheid...
    Zelf geloof ik totaal niet in deze hoax, maak me wel zorgen dat dit zo wereldwijd ingang kan vinden en zoveel angst genereert.
  • From Rik Franssens @
    Zeker het overwegen waard, risicovermindering door het verhogen van uw weerstandsvermogen
  • From Liesbeth de Veer @
    Dag Mieke, ik volg uw blog en was vaak aanwezig op uw lezingen in Brugge en Burcht.Gisteren kreeg ik deze mail toegezonden.Wellicht iets om mee te doen?

    Beste mevrouw De Veer,

    We hebben geen brochure in de serie 'Gezichtspunten', die direct aansluit bij de huidige Corona pandemie waar we allemaal mee te maken hebben. Toch willen wij u graag informeren over een werkwijze die ons kan helpen om de weerstand tegen besmetting te vergroten. Johannes Treuren is euritmist, die zich ook bekwaamd heeft in een ademhalingstechniek die Buteyko genoemd wordt.

    De onderstaande link verbindt u met een filmpje waarin hij heel duidelijk uitlegt waarom deze techniek in dit verband kan helpen. Tevens legt hij heel duidelijk uit wat u kunt doen en hoe het werkt.


    We vertrouwen erop dat u dit ook interessant vindt en dat u er wat aan heeft.

    Met vriendelijke groet,
    Centrum Sociale Gezondheidszorg
    • From Mieke Mosmuller @
      Beste Liesbeth De Veer, Helaas werkt de link niet! Wij hebben een eurythmie-initiatief in Logos Eurythmie en u vindt op YouTube verschillende filmpjes met de gezondheid ondersteunende eurythmie, zoals Halleluja (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GwgyyELv-0) en IOA (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxVp6p2FgC0) . Hartelijke groet, Mieke Mosmuller
      • From Liesbeth de Veer @
        Gisteren was deze video nog zichtbaar.
        Ik heb er een tekst van gemaakt maar die stuur ik liever eerst naar jou.
        Groet Liesbeth
  • From Isolde @
    Vielen Dank für diese wunderbaren Ausführungen!
  • From Rosa Maria Reith @
    Danke für den hoffnungsvollen, sinn-stiftenden Beitrag zur äusseren Krise, die dadurch nicht eine Innere werden kann.
  • From Elfi Michaelis @
    Sehr geehrte Frau Mosmuller,
    ich bete seit einigen Tagen täglich ein "Vaterunser" für die Coronaviren.
    Dieses "für" ist eigentlich ein "anstatt"; ich dachte mir, dass es vielleicht auch Viren gibt, die gar nicht zerstören wollen, sondern sich zum Guten entwickeln und sich vielleicht sogar schuldig fühlen für das, was sie tun (vielleicht auch tun müssen), die jedoch das Vaterunser aufgrund ihrer Bewusstseinsentwicklung nicht selber sprechen können.
    Ich komme aus der evangelisch-luth. Tradition und habe noch niemals "für" im Sinne von "anstatt" eines Anderen gebetet. Erstaunlicherweise fühlt es sich richtig an und verändert sich auch: Während sich beim ersten Mal etwas technisches und sehr kaltes verbreitete, wird es jetzt zunehmend wärmer und vertrauter.
    Allerdings steckt in mir auch ein ungläubiger Petrus und ich habe schon die Frage, ob ich durch das Beten nicht super attraktiv für die Viren werden könnte, wie Sie ja auch vor der seelischen Nähe warnen. Weshalb ich im Anschluss immer noch ein Vaterunser für mich selber spreche, um mich explizit dem Willen des Vaters zu unterstellen.
    Ich wüsste gerne, was Sie davon halten.
    Herzliche Grüße aus Nürnberg
  • From Josef Kaltenberger @
    Sie schreiben viele mir auch wichtige Dinge, doch immer wieder urMisstrauen gegenüber den Verordnungen der Regierungen. Ihr Satz "Das Virus wird nicht gerne in einem Haus wohnen, das es versteht, durchschaut. . ." ist bloße Plauderei, denn wer durchschaut das Virus? Selbst der bekannte Genetiker Josef Penninger durchschaut es nich. Sie werden sagen: das ist ja nur, wenn überhaupt ein materialistisches Durchschauen; ich meine ein geisteswissenschafltiches Durchschauen. Na gut. Wer durchschaut es geisteswissenschaftlich?
    Josef Penninger erzählt in seinem Interview (Oberösterreichische Nachrichten; 31. März 2020), dass er ein Medikament dazu entwickelt hat, das nun getestet wird.
    Das lange Interview ist sehr beeindruckend.-
    Das beste, das ich bisher zum Thema Corona fand, ist ein Aufsatz von Peter Selg, in der dieswöchigen Zeitschrift "Goethanum".-
    Freundlichen Gruß:
    Josef Kaltenberger
  • From Claudia @
    Thank you - this is tremendously helpful.
  • From Bernhard Höne @
    Eine wundervolle, liebe-tröstend warme Botschaft... - Herzlichen Dank!