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On the eve of the seminar around and in the Cathedral of Chartres, Notre Dame de Paris caught fire and partly burned down. We were already in Chartres and sympathized with the French and worldwide emotions. The cathedral in Chartres, also a Notre Dame, mourned her sister with two intense chimings of the bells. In the days that followed - but perhaps this had been the case before - there were always heavily armed soldiers in the city and around the cathedral. On white Thursday, at the entrance to Mass in the evening, they even stood at the entrance and every visitor had to pass by...

It was the third trip to Chartres that we made with a group, the previous trip was already five years ago. Every time I enter the cathedral I get the first impression that I had when I came in for the first time. An unprecedented harmony and holiness, a reminiscence to the cosmos, a preview of the future immortal body of the human being, a colorful metamorphosis in the stained-glass windows to keep out the everyday and an immersion in the purity of the ethereal... My father, who lived in England for many years before I was born, often said: 'The first thiought is the best' and that is an excellent advice.  It is very fruitful to let the aftereffects of previous visits rise in the memory...

In Chartres the Christian platonic time ends and the breath is being hold in expectation of the new intellectual time. We are now in the middle of this intellectual period and a change to the spiritualization of thinking 'as a cultural factor' is still to be expected. But in Chartres you can experience in the memory what lies hidden in the future. 

Mieke Mosmuller

Chartres by Mieke Mosmuller

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  • From Noor van der Kolk @
    So true
  • From jozef @
    De brand van de Notre Dame is een opgezet event ,net zoals 9 / 11, om de aandacht af te leiden van de onderliggende maatschappelijke stroming van bewustwording van onze gevangenschap in een matrix sinds eeuwen.Een matrix gebaseerd op heers en verdeel,de macht van de sterkste,religie als blind geloof,dogma en verdeling tussen de mens en God.Daar staan deze kathedralen ook symbool voor ,dus de brand kan ook daarvoor symbool staan nl de eindtijd van deze matrix.Jammer voor de kunstwerken en de "heilige leegte "die het gebouw schept maar nu ZELF mooi's scheppen is aan de orde en niet steeds maar hoeven terugblikken bij gebrek aan creativiteit naar het verleden !
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    Als wir von den Brand in Paris erfuhr, waren wir doch erleichtert, dsss Chartres noch steht.
    Das Licht in der Kathedrale ist wirklich eine metamorphose, denn das weisse licht bewahrt alle Farben. Und die Erzählungen der Motiv en den Fenstern leben schwebed im Licht im Raum.