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Not only the power of thought looses its own being, it is the human I itself that speaks to the World-All, while forgetting itself, and while freeing itself from the chains of its peculiarities. Forgotten is the self, but not the origin of it in the spiritual worlds. This exactly is what the growing I says tot the World-All, that there it can fathom its real being. We can learn to feel ourselves as being rooted in the spiritual worlds, in the World-All, and we can learn to forget our earthly peculiarity. The illusion of this peculiarity is being sacrified to be able to fathom the real being of the I. This I doesn't have the origin in the earth, it has it in the spiritual worlds.

A mantram from the Calendar of the Soul becomes very effective if one tries to identify oneself with the process in meditation. That means that one tries to experience oneself in the way that is given in the mantram. It is not an admonition, that lies in the mantram, it is a fact, that comes every year again. But we have no consciousdness of these facts in all-day life. This consciousness is being developed if one finds the right way to fathom the described state.

To the World-All speaks,
forgetting himself
And conscious of its origin,
The growing human I:
In you, freeing myself
From the chains of my peculiarities,
I fathom my real being.
Es spricht zum Weltenall,
Sich selbst vergessend
Und seines Urstands eingedenk,
Des Menschen wachsend Ich:
In dir, befreiend mich
Aus meiner Eigenheiten Fessel,
Ergr√ľnde ich mein echtes Wesen.

Mieke MosmullerContemplation by Mieke Mosmuller

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