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The purer and more majestic nature around us is, the more painful we feel the distance that ordinary consciousness creates between us and this grandiose nature. We can't conceive the essence of nature at all, it's outside of us whenever we want to get close to it... So shouldn't everyone have to experience the question: How do I learn to read in the Book of Nature?

Rudolf Steiner formulated this as follows in 1924:
So Raimundus of Sabunda still taught in the 15th century: The "Book of Revelation" is there for the sinful man, because he does not know how to read in the "Book of Nature"; but he taught it in such a way that he already thought: People must again find the opportunity to read in the "Book of Nature". And that is the impulse of Michael...

How? More about that next week...

Mieke Mosmuller

Reflection by Mieke Mosmuller

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  • From Theophil Urech @
    Von Giovanni Segantini ca. 1895:
    Die Natur war für mich zum Instrument geworden, das Töne von sich gab, die all das, was mein Herz erzählte, begleitete.
    Und dieses sang die ruhigen Harmonien der Sonnenuntergänge und das innerste Wesen der Natur.
    So wurde mein Geist durch eine süsse Melancholie genähret, welche in der Seele in unendlicher Süsse wiederklang