Spiritual Gift


Mieke Mosmuller

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The weaving of the spirit seems to have given me a spiritual gift. For two weeks ago I felt how the spiritual thinking of the world came nearer to me. Now I feel it as a gift, the spirit weaves in me its world-thoughts. But I may not bring this gift outwardly, I have to keep it in my inner being. It is not clear thought, it is a presentiment, a prophetic knowing. This tells me that I have to keep the gift to myself. All divine gifts have to ripen in my soul depths. Only there they can bear fruit for the self.

To save spiritual gift inwardly
Strictly commands my presentiment,
So that ripening divine gifts,
Fructifying in soul-grounds,
May bring fruits for my selfhood.

Zu bergen Geistgeschenk im Innern,
Gebietet strenge mir mein Ahnen,
Dass reifend Gottesgaben
In Seelengründen fruchtend
Der Selbstheit Früchte bringen.


This verses were given by Rudolf Steiner in 1912 / 1913: Anthroposophischer Seelenkalender.

Spiritual Gift by Mieke Mosmuller

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