The being

The being


Mieke Mosmuller

06-11-2019 3 comments Print!

As human beings we want to be independent and not be lived by AI. But we also don't want to be put under tension by an invisible electromagnetic field. It turns out that many people are gullible and assume without a doubt that what is said about 5G by science and the government is correct, but there also appears to be a large group of people who don't trust the announcements that this high-frequency would just be harmless.

As I said earlier, I miss the obvious solution, namely that we are able to find a way out of the sensitiveness for this radiation and also find a way out of being lived by AI. When I had to give a lecture in the 1990s in a city in the Netherlands, I would be sitting with the map of that city on my lap looking for a way to arrive at the right address. I am really very happy with Google Maps, these maps take me smoothly to the desired address. What a stress reduction that is. I could give many examples of the positive effects of AI. Maybe we could also find positive examples for the effect of 5G...

But we have to counterbalance the negative effect.... We really have to find an area  in ourselves in which we are not lived by AI and are not sensitive to radiation.

This time I will give a small example, in which I always start from thinking, because this represents our conscious being active.

In our thinking we have a strong customary life, that functions quite perfectly by itself. That means that we do not feel much need to further investigate or perfect this thinking. So it remains a process of habit.

For example, in almost every sentence we use the word 'to be' or a conjugation of it, and that word 'to be' of course has a meaning. It points out that the speaker assumes that something really is so, and when it says something about an object, the speaker assumes that this object exists. 

We are not used to getting deeper into this category of being. It is all self-evident. But let's practice a meditation of the two words 'I am'. Not so that you rest in those two words, but so that you examine those two words. What do you actually say when you say 'I am'?

I've written and said this many times before. Now I write it again. Conducting this research into the two words 'I am' and their meaning over and over again - not a philosophical reflection, but a self-exploration - would put every human being on the self-experienced trail of the freedom of thought, separate from the brain, and the freedom of being exposed to radiation.

Mieke MosmullerThe being by Mieke Mosmuller

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  • From Eva Bergvall @
    Ja vielleicht aber den Tieren können es nicht was wir kan, sich schutzen vor 5G.
    Auch ist es eine perfekte werkzeug wenn jemand möchte die Befölkerung völlig kontrollieren.
    Und alle die kranke menschen können sich auch nicht schutzen.
    Ich habe mal mit einem frau aust alte Ost Deutschland geschprochen, sie sagte, durch unsere unfreihet haben wir sehr genau gelehrt was freiheit ist.
    Könnte noch mehr dazu sagen aber jeder kann selber weiter denken.
    • From Mieke Mosmuller @
      Da verstehen Sie aber einiges nicht so wie es gemeint ist. Was Menschen spirituell tun, wirkt nicht nur für sie selbst, sondern für alle, auch für die Tiere. Es werden immer Ausreden gesucht um nur nicht innerlich aktiv werden zu müssen, aber da liegt gerade die gesunde Zukunft.
  • From Christopher Guilfoil @
    Do you write your posts in English or does someone translate them?
    I feel much is being lost in a bad translation for this post.

    Can one find the original somewhere to have it better translated?

    I feel what you are sharing is significant and don't want to loose your meaning.

    Thanks you kindly,