The fire of the soul


Mieke Mosmuller

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What we had experienced in the previous week becomes still stronger now. It is the warmth of the spirit that warms the winter-depths. What is sheen in the world, i.e. not real being, becomes power of true being now. It is the forces of the heart that give this power. We can learn to feel that the inner warmth, the fire of the soul, works as a power to withstand the coldness of the world.

In winter depths
True being of the spirit gives warmth;
It gives to the world-sheen,
Through forces of the heart, powers to be;
The soul-fire in the depth of the human being
Withstands the coldness of the world.
In winterlichen Tiefen
Erwärmt des Geistes wahres Sein;
Es gibt dem Weltenscheine
Durch Herzenskräfte Daseinsmächte;
Der Weltenkälte trotzt erstarkend
Das Seelenfeuer im Menscheninnern.

Mieke Mosmuller

This verses were given by Rudolf Steiner in 1912 / 1913: Anthroposophischer Seelenkalender.

The fire of the soul by Mieke Mosmuller

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