The Holy Week


Mieke Mosmuller

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In winter time the spirit has to do mainly with itself. It is the wonderful time of the inner knowing light that can get to know itself. Now, however, the human spirit turns to the outward and meets the beauty in nature that is coming to life. Then the life force comes from the far distances into the body and unites the essence of the Spirit with the Human Being. The surrender to everything other than one's own spirit, the loving surrender to the World Spirit, begins here.

When from the depths of the soul
The spirit turns to the being of the world
And beauty wells from widths of space,
Then, out of heaven's distances,
Life-force comes into human bodies,
And unites, powerful,
The spirit's essence with the human being.

Wenn aus den Seelentiefen
Der Geist sich wendet zu dem Weltensein
Und Schönheit quillt aus Raumesweiten,
Dann zieht aus Himmelsfernen
Des Lebens Kraft in Menschenleiber
Und einet, machtvoll wirkend,
Des Geistes Wesen mit dem Menschensein.

(Verse: Calender of the soul by Rudolf Steiner, verse 52, for the Holy Week.)

Mieke MosmullerThe Holy Week by Mieke Mosmuller

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