The little child

The little child


Mieke Mosmuller

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In different ways I have tried to put into words what a child really is and how you should deal with it, being an adult in the education. However, the adult usually has absolutely no understanding at all for the degeneration that people go through as they grow up to adulthood. As a result, he or she does not see how degenerate the upbringing of children is.

The mind that judges and initiates action in everyday life has outgrown the holy innocence of the little child. It lives in itself in the conviction of knowing how it should be and how it should be done. With that ballast it approaches holiness, no longer knowing what it was like, how you perceived yourself when you were a child and did not think or judge, how you went along with everything that was, and had to experience in amazement that in the imitation of what was you were blamed for what was outside your control.

The child under the age of seven still goes along with everything like a meaningful leaf in the wind, it does not judge, it experiences and does. The adult usually has no insight into the indescribable own arrogance, namely to think that a human being can educate an angel.

What, then, is education? What can you still do when you are too small for everything?

Make a study of the child and its state of consciousness. Gain self-knowledge with regard to one's own judgement and selfishness. Develop courage to allow playing children to remain alone for as long as possible, not to interfere. Develop an understanding for the diversity of characters, soul nature and I premonition. Refrain from wanting to form and fold, and instead develop the wonderment with which you follow the children. Do not expect children under the age of 7 to be respectful, because it is a natural gift that you only get if you are worthy of it.
Later, once they start learning to read and write, it all becomes different. But even then the adult has to respect the golden rule: keep your urge to educate for the most difficult child there is: your own soul.

To be continued.

Mieke Mosmuller

The little child by Mieke Mosmuller

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  • From Joost Lomans @
    Tsakka! Die zit! Ik ben er erg ontroerd door. Momenteel ben ik doende deze periode in mijn leven opnieuw onder ogen te komen en ja, dat is dit artikel een schot in de roos. "Te menen dat een mens een engel op kan voeden".
  • From Machteld Rippen-Veenker @
    ..en dan deze: 'Dat je de drang tot opvoeden bewaart voor het moeilijkst opvoedbare kind dat er is: de eigen ziel.'
    Die zit ook. Dank voor dit doel-punt.
  • From Kees @
    Wat een fijne tekst, uit mijn hart gegrepen. Het is een genade als je dagelijks met kinderen mag werken, (muziek) , en het fijne is dat kinderen je een handje helpen met die zelf opvoeding: engelenwerk...in stilte
  • From Elfi Michaelis @
    Wundervoll und weise. Herzlichen Dank!
  • From Theophil @
    Von IHM:
    Wahrlich, ich sage euch, wer das Himmelreich nicht annimmt wie ein Kind, wird nicht hineinkommen.