The other hemisphere

The other hemisphere


Mieke Mosmuller

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At the beginning of May there was a three-day intensive seminar in Werkhoven, in Samaya. After we had studied the theme of karma and reincarnation in the past few years, we had decided to look at 'the other hemisphere' for these three days, i.e. the life between death and birth and the life with the deceased. In 2017 I had written 'impressions from death', an attempt to describe impressions of life between death and birth, in a form between prose and poetry.

It is a difficult theme, because for most people it is the case that they prefer not to be reminded of this inevitable moment of death - even if they think spiritually it is often still very difficult. But the time has come, in which it is more and more necessary to soften this sharp border between life and death, to become more and more accustomed to living together with the deceased. One day it will come to the point where there will no longer be a border, this point must now be prepared.

For an intiate, living together with the deceased is a matter of course. But communication is not easy. This is evident from Rudolf Steiner's lecture series on the subject: 'Okkultes Lesen und Hören'. It describes very precisely how contact is established and how it is possible to read and hear what the deceased wants to 'discuss'. These lectures were partly the basis for these three days.

But for the uninitiated it is necessary to know how to adjust to life on earth in such a way that you can know about the deceased, and the deceased about you. A deceased turns away from us when we think critically of him. This is also understandable, because our ability to judge on earth is, of course, not at all capable of good criticism. That's where the sentence comes from: Nothing but good about the dead. That's how it really is. And during this seminar we have really intensively exercised to present our deceased as an ideal image. And that resulted in profound experiences.

Mieke Mosmuller

The other hemisphere by Mieke Mosmuller

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    Ach wat jammer dat het stuk ineens ophoudt!
    Dank voor de toelichting bij 'Over de doden niets dan goeds'. Zou het ook kunnen zijn: 'Over de doden zo objectief mogelijk denken en spreken'?