The wisdom lives in the light

The wisdom lives in the light


Mieke Mosmuller

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Over the past year, I have published verses from Rudolf Steiner's 'calendar of the soul' every week. After a whole year I am now back again to continue my weekly texts. I will start with an anthology of my current seminars.

Sunday 31 March we were in Überlingen am Bodensee.  The theme has been for years now: How does thinking become an eye for the mind? Through all kinds of entrances we try to highlight this path and, as far as possible, also to go into it.

This time the entrance was the meditation, as given by Rudolf Steiner, where it is important that the starting point is sought in pure, sensory-free thinking, and that from that point is practiced to also surrender feeling and willing as completely as possible in meditation.

There are people who can be so immersed in their -associative or searching - thoughts that they would not notice, as it were, if a tumult of any kind were to break out right next to them. Something similar must be deliberately pursued in meditation, but in active pure thinking, in which the whole life of feeling and all initiative is taken into account, step by step. The environment, including one's own body, becomes imperceptible.

It is quite possible to think a thought first, to keep it there for some time, then to let the feeling shine into it and finally to surrender all the will initiative into it. As a result, the inner life finally frees itself from the base of the body and must find a new perseverance of existence. This stability cannot only be developed in meditation, for this an intensive self-education is necessary.

It is always amazing what inner experiences the participants have - each for himself.

In the second part we have studied the world situation and the question of how we, as meditating human beings, can mean something for it.  It is clear that as a lonely human being one does not have much to mean. But when you know how to call upon the help of the higher hierarchies, that will change of course. I have devoted a lot of attention to this in recent years, and here I refer to the relevant literature - only in Dutch and German, Mieke Mosmuller: Heaven on Earth; From Heavenly Heights; About the Hierarchies of Angels. The third Hierarchy.

Mieke MosmullerThe wisdom lives in the light by Mieke Mosmuller

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