Mieke Mosmuller

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One might wonder how this world will ever be able to conquerwhen the human beings do not appreciatetheirownquality and givethemselvescompletelyaway to a quality that they have createdbut that is no longertheirs. After all, we are gifted with reason and with will, and in between lies our experience, our feeling. The moment you realise that the mindbound to the senseshas to do with electricity and that the personal willhas to do with magnetism; that the electric mind and the subjectivemagneticwill have to do with the undernature, then you know: I can only keep myself free of this when I spiritualise my mind and develop my will in an objective way.

Anthroposophy is completelyinterwoven with this spiritualizedmind, even when it is not spoken of. But the most important thing in anthroposophy is when it is spoken about!

If only a few people woulddedicatetheir lives to the raising of this great human mind above the field of electricity and magnetism! That would be the beginning of a new world. And that beginningwould be there for all.

But people do not think this is sensationalenough, moreoverthey do not feel like it and prefer to be caught in the net of heredity and matter ratherthantaking an independent step,in freedom,to the spirit.

Mieke Mosmuller

Undernature by Mieke Mosmuller

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  • From wim velmans @
    toch is het heel mooi om te doen ,Wim
  • From @
    Gelukkig zijn er steeds meer mensen die
    deze inzichten toepassen tot in hun dagelijkse leven. Niet sensationeel en spectaculair, maar rustig, gestaag en volhardend. De geestziel als werkgever en de persoonlijkheid inclusief het denk-vermogen, als uitvoerder. alles in dienst van evolutie en creatie.
    • From Machteld @
      Mooi geschreven Annet, zo is het.
  • From Jonathan T @
    Does discussion through writing, conversation through phone and video count for ‘speaking’ about it?
    • From Theophil U @
      If we read those words so as they are intended to be read, we will be together, anyway.