What is a contagion: the detection of a virus or a disease with symptoms?

What is a contagion: the detection of a virus or a disease with symptoms?


Mieke Mosmuller

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The human body is an individual organism that individualises everything that comes from outside before it can allow or use it. What cannot be appropriated is rejected or expelled. If that does not work, illness arises.

Micro-organisms: we have them abundantly present in all areas of our body where we communicate with the outside air and they help us defend ourselves against microorganisms that are not our own. With the micro-organisms that are our own, we can live very well together and they help us to resist when a siege comes from outside.

So what is a contagion? The detection of a virus or a disease with symptoms plus a positive test?

Is man passively at the mercy of a pathogenic virus? Watch video on YouTube

Mieke Mosmuller

We hear daily the number of Covid-19 virus infections. Or at least, the corona virus, which could possibly cause that Covid-19 disease. In the spring, the emphasis was more on the number of deaths, which is still there now, but that is always at the very end of the list, the main figure is the number of infections and then the number of admissions to hospital and then the number of admissions to the ICU, sometimes it also says how many people have left hospital again. In itself, I find that a somewhat more charming way of dealing with it, when you also tell how many people are cured of this disease. Not only infections and admissions, but also people who are cured again, because that also influences the number of patients, of course. But that led me to form some thoughts about the phenomenon of ‘contagion', and of course a lot is being said about it, it is clear that when you do a PCR test, that you then show the virus-rna with a certain degree of probability, so it is not a visual certainty, but it is one based on the consequences of the test, a kind of probability calculation that is then done, and then the result is either positive or negative. We still have to get used to that,so the word 'contagion' is actually not correct, because an infection would not be that the virus particle is detected, but that would actually be that you also have symptoms of the presence of that particle. Anyway, I find it striking that, because of the way in which the phenomenon is dealt with, whether or not infected, we are given the unconscious impression that humans are a piece of meat which, if it is not stored properly, begins to perish and could then also ignite the neighbouring meat. That is, of course, exaggerated, I know that, but there is a kind of tendency in this handling of the virus that makes people who are in this way given a certain upbringing, that they get the feeling that they are at the mercy of what is being done with them, just as a piece of meat is at the mercy of what is being done with it. And yes, I think that that is a devastating thing for the feeling of being human. When you look at what a human being actually is, you have to admit that it is a natural phenomenon. But it is a very special natural phenomenon, that human being, because when he takes food, he takes something that comes from nature, but that absolutely must not stay the way it is in nature. The whole food process, the digestion of the food, is aimed at denaturing that which you absorb from nature. That has to be completely stripped of all natural characteristics, and then you as a human being, without knowing it, go to work to bring it back into a structure, in such a way that it uniquely suits you. So everything that comes from outside and that is not unique so that it suits you, that you reject in fact. And that leads to the fact that when you take in food that you cannot make your own, results in illness. So, in fact, the very natural process of nutrition and digestion already contains the positive willfulness of the human being. That human being is a uniqueness. Everyone for himself/herself. And you cannot just place the organ of one person in the body of another, we all know that, it is firmly rejected. The individuality of the bodyhat does not accept it. And when, for example, you get a certain foreign body inside you, for example a splinter, the body doesn't accept that either. It does two things, either it succeeds in exorcising it, you can give it a hand of course, but it has to get out, and if it doesn't, it will be encapsulated. Then it is as it were imprisoned in a skin, inside, and then it leads a life of its own, but it is not allowed to participate in the human organism as a whole. That is something we should imagine, what an unbelievable power every human being has to keep nature outside and when it inevitably penetrates, to denature nature completely and make it your own. This is something that is not only the case in the physical sphere, but also in other areas of the human being. When we think about the last year and we experience what the news has done to us in this crisis, you can really say that you get certain feelings from outside that you don't feel that they belong to your own life, so those are strange bodies actually in the emotional life, and you can in fact only live with that when you make them your own. When you first remove the soul of them, you would say, and then reconcile them with your own soul. People usually don't do that, they are passive and let that which flows into you when you become aware of this misery over the past ten months or so, when you let it passively flow into you then you become mentally ill, really. And now there is a lot of talk about that, the consequences, the psychological consequences of this crisis, but you can also reason it, that's apart from everything that is happening, all the sad consequences of this crisis, apart from that, the psychological effect is very great, because it sends overpowering feelings towards you that you really can't keep away from, That you are almost overwhelmed by them, unless you manage to distinguish those feelings from how you actually feel, denaturate them, but then you can better say to de-soul them, that is to say to take the soul out and bring it into line with your own soul life. That is what I am trying to do here in this recording every time, that we absorb things, but that we don't let that fall into passivity, but that we put something in return. That you become active, and say no. I don't take it as it is offered to me, but I go to work with it and I decide for myself what I think about the feelings as being right or not. Even more aware of course, this lies in the area of information, in the thoughts you are offered and there is, of course, a supremacy of facts that you receive from all sides. As a result of the change from reading on paper to reading on screen, there is a certain hurry in the absorption of information and, moreover, a kind of impatience as well, which naturally goes hand in hand with less careful reading. A couple of times ago I read a quote from 1911 about the newspaper reader, well you can be sure that it has now taken on a completely different form because people do not even read so precisely anymore, so it all goes what they call diagonall, fast global and then you think you know it, while of course actually you should read precisely. You should have the patience to read an article in a newspaper, to actually read it from the first letter to the last letter, and then often very surprising things emerge that you would otherwise would have overseen. A few days ago, for example, there was an article about the fact that the Netherlands is not going to achieve the climate targets in 2020. these are apparently agreements that have been made and every country must comply with them. You have to produce so much less CO2 and if you fail to do so, you will not have achieved the target. But what did that article say? It said that it will be difficult for the Netherlands to achieve that target after all, except when, for example, a strict lockdown is imposed. It would be a pity if you missed that, because I don't want to say that it means what you immediately think it means, but you can think it anyway, can't you? You may well ask yourself: is the lockdown really about the virus? Of course, when you see the logic of the development of the disease in conjunction with the measures, you doubt it anyway, but this is a very interesting line of reasoning, which is stated there. But in order to do that, you have to read the whole article and not just look at the headline, or read diagonally, because then you read over it. And so it is also the case in thinking life, that you get contaminated, infected in your soul life, infected in your mind life. Because you are passive. In fact, you can only become infected when you are passive. And then I come back to the physical infection. When you think about the fact that human beings do not tolerate the natural food if it is not denatured and then made their own, then you see that human beings carry a certain power in them that makes sure that nature is transformed in such a way that it becomes usable for human beings. That thought through in the field of infection you may say: the whole world can be full of drops full of virus or aerosols full of virus, you can breathe it in, you can breathe in the coughing and sniffing of other people, that is a natural phenomenon what then enters you, and what does the human being do? That is not a passive lying thing that does nothing about it, that human being starts to become active immediately, unconsciously. And so what you should actually do is take measures to stimulate the activity that humans have in themselves, but may not always be able to deploy to a sufficient extent. So contagion really is one side, that is one side from the outside. But there is also an inside, and that inside must be helped in times when attacks are too strong from the outside. And when you experience this to some extent, you become saddened when you see that measures are taken that do not serve that purpose at all to make people more active and stronger from within in order to be able to fight an infectious disease that is on the way. We have seen, of course, that a great many people are supposedly infected (positive tests) who are not, or hardly ever become ill; these are people who have sufficient unconscious physical resistance within them. They do not actually need a vaccination because they can do it themselves. This vaccination is an incentive to become active, but you can imagine that you even would no longer do that. That you have become so passive that you even let a vaccination pass you by. So what do we see? We see that the response to infection at the present time lies almost exclusively in avoiding the possibility of being infected. But that is really only one side of the coin, and the most unimportant. The most important side is the activity of the human body itself. That force through which man does not accept that something that has not been made his own enters from the outside. And so you would have to list the facts that make up the increase in resistance. One of the very important facts is that, in the case of infectious respiratory diseases, it is of the utmost importance that the lung itself is ventilated. There is talk about the obligation to ventilate the room, but it seems as if it has been forgotten that it is the lung that gets sick and that it has to be ventilated properly, and of course you don't do that by sitting in a ventilated room, but you do that by going outside and breathing in very deeply and breathing out very quietly, so suck your lungs completely full with fresh air and then blow that air out again. And then you can say yes, but that air is not that fresh, but that air outside is still fresher than what we have inside of spoiled air. That's terrible. Also that when you walk outside in an area where people are obliged to wear mouth masks, it really hurts to see, because you can see that the very thing that people need outside, namely the breathing in and breathing out of the fresh air, is not allowed. Why not? Yes, contagion. That is just one side of the matter. And it is an extremely sad thing, that not a word is said about these things. Apart from that, it is of course true that we as biological beings, because that is part of what we are as humans, carry entire armies of micro-organisms with us. We have them abundantly present in all areas of our bodies where we communicate with the outside air.

And they help us defend ourselves against microorganisms that are not our own. Because that's what it's all about. So those microorganisms that are our own, we can live very well with them and they also ensure that when a siege comes from outside, resistance can be offered. But if you avoid everything that has to do with microorganisms, then of course you get a disruption of what is called the micro-biome, that whole system of microorganisms that you need to be healthy and whatever your helpers are to stay healthy. The Virus with two capital letters.

Let us take a closer look at what a human being really is. A human being is not a piece of meat that decays if you put it in the wrong place and as well infects other pieces of meat.

What is a contagion: the detection of a virus or a disease with symptoms? by Mieke Mosmuller

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    Goed videoblog. Ik hoop van harte dat het in de wacht zetten van de culturele sector tot en met 18 november 2020 niet betekent dat de lezing en het seminar Spirituele gezichtspunten tussen Corona en The great reset 2021 gepland voor 20 en 21 november te Rotterdam niet doorgaat. Zo hoop ik ook dat het Japanmuseum te Leiden, alwaar ik werkzaam ben, met ingang van 19 november weer open mag. Maar ik moet het nog zien, ben er niet geheel of misschien moet ik zeggen in het geheel niet gerust op. Oefen gelatenheid.

    Startte gisteren op mijn Weekjournaal Bewustzijnsziel een blogserie op aangaande met name schurende opvattingen over corona problematiek en bemoeilijkte sociale omgang, die zich zonder uitzondering eveneens in en rond antroposofische kringen voordoet. Dat in een breder kader. Wat al spreekt uit de titel van de serie.

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    Misschien /allicht worden de maatregelen voor de covid crisis verder aangewend voor de oa klimaatdoelstellingen ( waar dat zinnetje opwijst wat je aanhaalt in het artiekel ) en andere zaken te bewerkstelligen , immers men weet ook wel dat het een andere vorm van griep is geweest en voorbijgaande is zoals de daling in R - waarde al aangaf ,en men probeert kunstmatig te rekken omdat er andere verborgen en geplande agendas ( 21 ) aan vastzitten ( plandemie ...). De foutieve en waardeloze pcr-test is daar het beste middel voor om dit rekken , en zo vlug als kan tevens het vaccin in te voeren als dat klaar is , zo gaat immers het agenda waar heel veel financiele aspecten aan vastzitten voort , er is veel geld in gepompt en veel stuk gemaakt en de schulden stapelen zich inmiddels desasterus op waar nu als gevolg de regeringen en EU mee opgescheept zitten .

    R steiner wees er op dat de mensheid over de drempel was gegaan bij de eeuwwisseling naar de 20 ste eeuw . Nu is de mens wel tot aan de deur gekomen zodat hij in de bewustzijnsontwikkeling een keuze zal moeten maken in welke richting hij deze zelf zal sturen of zich zal laten sturen door passiviteit , zal het de richting uitgaan van zijn natuur en biologisch voortplantingswezen ( eugenetica en transhumanisme ) of gaat het in de vermenselijking van de sociale structuur door het zoeken van een andere verhouding tot het goddelijke dmv het eigen hogere zielswezen , Ik - wezen van de mens zelf tot het ik van de andere mens . Hij wees erop dat twee basale voorwaarden ‘ nl inzicht in de sociale structuur en een vrijheid in mening en het denken , slechts konden ingaan als de mens eerst zich openstelde voor geestelijk inzicht en dit zou verwerven .
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    Vielen vielen Dank, liebe Mieke Mosmuller, mit Ihren Gedanken hier führen Sie einen immer wieder in das Wesentliche, die Vernunft und die Mitte (zurück).