• Socrates

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    19-06-2019 0 comments


    The uninvited guest who comes in drunk and after the guest meal is Alcibiades. He complains about Socrates, but also praises him in all the keys. He complains about the fact that Socrates could in no way be seduced into a physical love game, as a result of which Alcibiades became the rejected lover...... read more...

  • Eros

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    12-06-2019 2 comments


    Love is the meaning of the earth's development... Who could put that into words. Who could find exercises in love? How should you give an understanding of love? The apostle and evangelist John says: "Children, love eachother! But what does that mean?... read more...

  • Chartres - 4

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    05-06-2019 6 comments

    Chartres - 4

    In the Middle Ages the School of Chartres flourished, where great religious scholars lived with the Platonic and Pythagorean idea that the mediation between God and the world lies in mathematics, especially in the principles of geometry, but these are also determined by the concept of 'size', which is an arithmetic conce... read more...

  • Chartres - 3

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    29-05-2019 0 comments

    Chartres - 3

    When visiting the cathedral, we first tried to experience the West Portal, the famous royal portal. As you enter the cathedral, you enter the gate of the New Jerusalem. But if we want to experience a reality, that is not the right entry. For the human being is far from perfect enough to present a similarity with the apocalyptic ... read more...

  • Chartres - 2

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    22-05-2019 1 comments

    Chartres - 2

    It is a very special experience to see how a spiritual doctrine, which was part of the spirituality of Europe, has become a formed structure, a cathedral. What was expressed in Dante's 'Divine Comedy' in poetic words has here in all its miraculous pythagorean wisdom of proportions been built in stone. It is because o... read more...