• How to develop clear and discrete thinking

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    24-05-2017 1 comments

    How to develop clear and discrete thinking

    When we are convinced that thinking has to be spiritualised in modern European culture and we know that without this spiritualised thinking becoming a true cultural factor we will not be able to become aware what angels weave in our souls, the question arises: How can we develop such a kind of thinking? Our modern intellectual t... read more...

  • What do we 'see', when we turn our regard to thinking itself?

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    17-05-2017 1 comments

    What do we 'see', when we turn our regard to thinking itself?

    With what sense can we perceive thinking? Not with eyes or ears, that is clear enough. When we try to grasp thinking for the first time, it is thought what we see: contents. We know what we are thinking when we are healthy persons. It is consciousness that makes us know what we are thinking. Or, to put it the other way round: be... read more...

  • The true Self

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    10-05-2017 1 comments

    The true Self

    This weekend we worked during three days with a group in 'Samaya in Werkhoven' on 'Karma and reincarnation. As an exercise to find the true self I gave the following text from Rudolf Steiner, to find this way by doing what is said there.... read more...

  • Rudolf Steiner in Weimar

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    03-05-2017 4 comments

    Rudolf Steiner in Weimar

    Of course, Weimar is also a Rudolf Steiner city. The perceptions with the senses and the thoughts of the mind overshadow the impressions that could be received of these times of the past. The writings of Agrippa from Nettesheim about occult philosophy represent very interesting views on this processes. He says that all events, w... read more...

  • From Berlin to Nürnberg

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    26-04-2017 1 comments

    From Berlin to Nürnberg

    On our way from Berlin to Nürnberg we visited Weimar - not for the first time. About the first thing that cast our eyes on, while walking through the town, was the monument to Goethe and Schiller, in front of the theatre. For me this statue is the image of friendship, a friendship that didn't come about by direct sympa... read more...