• Metamorphosis of thinking - II

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    21-06-2017 3 comments

    Metamorphosis of thinking - II

    It can become a tragic experience in life to discover how passive we modern human beings are in our inner lives. The body can be passive too, but it is nothing compared to the passivity of the inner life. There is a joke that Rudolf Steiner told about this passivity; he told it to the young teachers of the Waldorf School... read more...

  • The metamorphosis of thinking

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    14-06-2017 2 comments

    The metamorphosis of thinking

    The central point of the spiritual science that is called 'anthroposophy' is the metamorphosis of thinking. In public lectures Rudolf Steiner often gave a foundation for his scientific work. He then described the natural thinking capacities of the human being, going on to describe the points that can be found in it to develop a ... read more...

  • Lose yourself to find yourself

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    07-06-2017 0 comments

    Lose yourself to find yourself

    Forgetting the narrowness of my own will The warmth of the world, Announcing the summer, Pervades my spirit and my soul; To lose myself in the light Is the command of the spirit sight And presentiment announces to me powerfully: Lose yourself to find yourself.... read more...

  • In earlier times...

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    31-05-2017 1 comments

    In earlier times...

    Thinking of thinking is not a modern invention. It has already been described in Greek philosophy by Aristotle and in scholasticism by Thomas Aquinas. Aristotle (Metaphysica) “And thinking in itself deals with that which is best in itself, and that which is thinking in the fullest sense with that which is best in the full... read more...

  • How to develop clear and discrete thinking

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    24-05-2017 1 comments

    How to develop clear and discrete thinking

    When we are convinced that thinking has to be spiritualised in modern European culture and we know that without this spiritualised thinking becoming a true cultural factor we will not be able to become aware what angels weave in our souls, the question arises: How can we develop such a kind of thinking? Our modern intellectual t... read more...