• COVID-19: the lie rules

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    20-01-2021 5 comments

    COVID-19: the lie rules

    The facts are the facts, and you can hide those facts for a long time with lies and sophisms, but they remain hard facts. History teaches us that those facts always come to light in the end. We have only just seen this in the case of the allowances affair (NL): the facts eventually come to light. This can go through a lot of suf... read more...

  • COVID-19: the helplessness of science

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    14-01-2021 3 comments

    COVID-19: the helplessness of science

    The scientist believes that the mind of the human being, or the algorithms and computer models created by humane, are able to fathom what measures should be taken and whether those measures are effective. But the measurements that science makes are merely a determination of a complex of variables that apply at that single point ... read more...

  • Conspiracy thinking or the search for understanding in what seems incomprehensible

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    05-01-2021 6 comments

    Conspiracy thinking or the search for understanding in what seems incomprehensible

    In this corona crisis, in which our society is driven to extremes, we see a phenomenon that is referred to by many as 'conspiracy thinking'. But where the term 'conspiracy thinker' carries a vicious mockery, we can give some homage to this thinker, who seeks the concept behind the incomprehensible phenomena. It i... read more...

  • COVID-19: considerations on vaccination

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    18-12-2020 16 comments

    COVID-19: considerations on vaccination

    Many people wonder whether they want to be vaccinated or not, regardless of any obligation to be vaccinated. It should be the free choice of each individual to consider receiving a vaccination, but for this consideration the individual needs to understand what a vaccination means and what the consequences of vaccination or non-v... read more...

  • Freedom and motives for compulsory measures

    by Mieke Mosmuller

    14-12-2020 6 comments

    Freedom and motives for compulsory measures

    If, as human beings, we know the motive for restricting our freedom, and also how this motive relates to the way in which our freedom is restricted by means of measures, then we can accept the measures and follow them, and do not feel this restriction of freedom as a compulsory measure. In the course of this crisis, we have alwa... read more...