Calendar of the soul 11, June 16-23


Mieke Mosmuller

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The thinking, feeling and will power are in a full surrender to the worldwide cosmic space now, they have been relinquished. In the coming weeks this state is stabilized; in various states of the soul it holds on to its utmost phase, which comes on the 24th of June, the feast of John. Then there will come a metamorphosis that will lead to the feast of the autumn: Michael.

In this sun hour it is up to you
To recognize the wise tiding:
Surrendered to the world's beauty
To experience in yourself, feeling yourself:
The human I can lose itself
And find itself in the World-I.

Es ist in dieser Sonnenstunde
An dir, die weise Kunde zu erkennen:
An Weltenschönheit hingegeben
In dir dich fühlend zu durchleben:
Verlieren kann das Menschen-Ich
Und finden sich im Welten-Ich.Calendar of the soul 11, June 16-23 by Mieke Mosmuller

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