Calendar of the Soul
Calendar of the soul 24, September 15-21

Calendar of the soul 24, September 15-21


Mieke Mosmuller

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Now the time comes of increasing activity of the soul. In spring and summer we had to give ourselves to the world, now the world gives itself to us - but we will have to become increasingly active. We cannot wait for the powers of the world to bring us the awareness of the self. We have to create this ourselves by being active without longing for inner rest.  Only then the worldspirit touches the human spirit and brings light into the soul that would stay dark if it would want to stay passive.

Creating itself on and on
The being of the soul becomes aware of itself;
The Worldspirit strives on
In selfknowledge re-vitalized
And creates from darkness of the soul
The willpower-fruit of self- perception.
Sich selbst erschaffend stets,
Wird Seelensein sich selbst gewahr;
Der Weltengeist, er strebet fort
In Selbsterkenntnis neu belebt
Und schafft aus Seelenfinsternis
Des Selbstsinns Willensfrucht.

Diese Wochensprüche wurden von Rudolf Steiner 1912/13 im Anthroposophischen Seelenkalender gegeben.

Calendar of the soul 24, September 15-21 by Mieke Mosmuller

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  • From Tommy Spain @
    I want to thank for your English translation of the Calendar...And also you comments
    If you don’t mind me asking...have you also done an English translation of The Foundation Stone? Again many thx ...your essays and such really please me.