Calendar of the soul 26, Michael, September 29 - October 5


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As we return to our body now, after summertime, we join the nature of our own body. We can feel now the nearness of mother nature, for we are part of her in so far as we are incarnated. The willpower bears her, it is said here. So we should not imagine that nature bears the willpower, but that willpower bears nature - which makes a great difference. And this will, that is not material at all, will steel the activity of the soul, of the spirit. By bringing this mighty energy into the spiritual activity the sureness of the self will arise, and we will be able to really bear ourselves by ourselves in ourselves.
It is a mighty force that is being described here, one can feel it, perceive it, by understanding the verse in the right way. This power, this force is michaelic and it will not only bring light into the darkness of the winter, but it will give us the courage we need to carry the full responsibility for all our thoughts, feelings and deeds we do.

Nature, your maternal being
I bear it in the being of my will;
And the fiery power  of my will,
Steels the driving forces of my spirit,
That they may give birth to self-assurance
To bear myself in me.
Natur, dein mütterliches Sein,
Ich trage es in meinem Willenswesen;
Und meines Willens Feuermacht,
Sie stählet meines Geistes Triebe,
Dass sie gebären Selbstgefühl,
Zu tragen mich in mir.

This verses were given by Rudolf Steiner in 1912 / 1913: Anthroposophischer Seelenkalender.

Calendar of the soul 26, Michael, September 29 - October 5 by

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