Calendar of the Soul
Calendar of the soul 32, November 10-16

Calendar of the soul 32, November 10-16


Mieke Mosmuller

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Calendar of the soul 32,
November 10-16
  Calendar of the soul 21,
August 25-31
I feel how own fruiting force,
Reinforcing, bestows itself on the world;
My own being I perceive as gaining strength
To turn to clear insight
In weaving of the destiny of life.
  I feel how strange fruiting power,
Reinforcing, bestows itself on me,
The germ I perceive as ripening
And foreboding as weaving lightful
Inwardly on the power of selfhood
Ich fühle fruchtend eigne Kraft
Sich stärkend mich der Welt verleihn;
Mein Eigenwesen fühl ich kraftend
Zur Klarheit sich zu wenden
Im Lebensschicksalsweben.
  Ich fühle fruchtend fremde Macht
Sich stärkend mir mich selbst verleihn,
Den Keim empfind ich reifend
Und Ahnung lichtvoll weben
Im Innern an der Selbstheit Macht.

The powerful strength of the own being is becoming clearly perceptible. In summer it was a strange fruiting power that was felt, now it is the own power. In summer this strange power was given to us, now we give our own force to the world. We can feel our own being as unfolding strength and from this strength we gain the possibility to understand clearly how karma weaves in the outer world.

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