Calendar of the Soul
Calendar of the Soul 38 December 22 - 28, Christmas

Calendar of the Soul 38 December 22 - 28, Christmas


Mieke Mosmuller

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The thirteen holy nights in midwinter. In the ancient Mysteries, before Christ arrived on the earth, there already were feasts celebrated at the four seasonal highpoints of the year: Midwinter, spring, midsummer, autumn. In midwinter the soul is the enlightener of the physical body and because she is very near to the darkness of the earth now, she has to reflect on the being of evil and to develop the ability to beware herself of evil.

These powerful demonic forces come up in the midwinter darkness and to capture the human being is the purpose of these beings.

But since the arrival of the child Jesus, who became Christ, midwinter has become a completely revolved meaning and effect.

During Advent the signs of the coming of this change are already perceptible. But on Christmas Eve, when the stars shine brightly in the night-heaven, we can feel, perceive, that heaven is opening for us, that heaven comes to us, mingles with the darkness, enlightens it. The soul, with all her light, is giving birth to the spirit. In the inner as well as in the outer world heaven comes on earth. It is the best time there is to fulfill a meditation that is being built on this powerful being of heaven on earth.

In anthroposophy it is known that in the thirteen holy nights a foundation can be laid for the coming year. What we do in our inner life in these nights becomes a force that enlightens the coming year.

Christmas, December 22 - 28

I feel free of enchantment
The spirit-child in the soul’s core.
In the clear light of the heart
The holy Word of the World
Has fathered the heavenly fruit of hope,
That grows jubilating into the distances of the world
From the godly roots of my being.
Ich fühle wie entzaubert
Das Geisteskind im Seelenschoss;
Es hat in Herzenshelligkeit
Gezeugt das Heilige Weltenwort
Der Hoffnung Himmelsfrucht,
Die jubelnd wächst in Weltenfernen
Aus meines Wesens GottesgrundCalendar of the Soul 38 December 22 - 28, Christmas by Mieke Mosmuller

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