Calendar of the soul 44, February 2-8


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We could say that we reach full clearness of mind in this and in the coming week. Then will come the changing point. We still have enough thinking force and clearness to bear our thinking into the beginning growth of outward nature.

Grasping new sense-stimuli
Clarity of the soul fills
-Mindful of completed birth of spirit-
The confusing sprouting growth of the world
With the creative will of my thinking

Ergreifend neue Sinnesreize
Erfüllet Seelenklarheit
Eingedenk vollzogener Geistgeburt,
Verwirrend sprossend Weltenwerden
Mit meines Denkens Schöpferwillen.

This verses were given by Rudolf Steiner in 1912 / 1913: Anthroposophischer Seelenkalender.

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