Calendar of the Soul
Calendar of the soul 9, June 2 - 9

Calendar of the soul 9, June 2 - 9


Mieke Mosmuller

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Now comes the time when I not only have to give up my clear thinking, but also must forget my own will. What I want to do, what I need, what I  long for should be forgotten. Only then the warmth of the coming summer can pervade my spirit and my soul. I can try to repeat this inwardly: pervade my soul and spirit with the warmth that is outward in summer, not only feel the physical warmth, but also the spiritual warmth. I will have to try to lose myself in the light of the sun. If I keep my self in myself, I can only view the material, the physical world. I feel strongly how I can only find my true being if I lose my normal every-day self. It is not clear thinking that makes this evident to me, it is a presentiment, a notion, an intuition.

Forgetting the narrowness of my own will
The warmth of the world,
Announcing the summer,
Pervades my spirit and my soul;
To lose myself in the light
Is the command of the spirit sight
And presentiment announces to me powerfully:
Lose yourself to find yourself.
Vergessend meine Willenseigenheit
Erfüllet Weltenwärme sommerkündend
Mir Geist und Seelenwesen;
Im Licht mich zu verlieren
Gebietet mir das Geistesschauen,
Und kraftvoll kündet Ahnung mir:
Verliere dich, um dich zu finden.Calendar of the soul 9, June 2 - 9 by Mieke Mosmuller

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