Calendar of the Soul
Calendar of the soul 8, May 26 - June 1

Calendar of the soul 8, May 26 - June 1


Mieke Mosmuller

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Although the power of thinking is been replaced by the foreboding now, the power of the senses still becomes stronger and stronger. This is comes from the creation by the Gods. The power of thought is still being more attenuated, to the vagueness of the dream. The anticipation becomes more vague, it becomes like dreaming. For the soul it is impossible to unify itself with the divine being as long as it thinks clearly and profane. Thinking must moderate itself and become silent, like it does when it dreams...

The power of the senses grows strong
bound to the creation of the Gods;
It attenuates the power of thinking
To the vagueness of the dream
If divine being
Wants to unify with my soul,
The human thinking must become
Modest and quiet in the being of the dream.
Es wächst der Sinne Macht
Im Bunde mit der Götter Schaffen,
Sie drückt des Denkens Kraft
Zur Traumes Dumpfheit mir herab.
Wenn göttlich Wesen
Sich meiner Seele einen will,
Muss menschlich Denken
Im Traumessein sich still bescheiden.Calendar of the soul 8, May 26 - June 1 by Mieke Mosmuller

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