Crisis habituation: getting used to it?

Crisis habituation: getting used to it?


Mieke Mosmuller

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The text below is a literal transcription of the spoken video text.

After a year of social restrictions due to the corona measures and political turmoil due to affairs, you find that you need about a year to get used to a crisis. That can mean giving up and just resigning yourself to everything. But you can also take up life again and develop positivity. While the current crisis is still going on, the newspapers are already talking about the next one. How do you stay positive as a human being in all this crisis violence? Watch video on YouTube

Mieke Mosmuller

A human being is a miraculous being and certainly not a machine, not a device that can be programmed. Man has certain wonderful processes that you might only detect if you pay attention to them. Last year, during the winter, we experienced an epidemic that was eventually declared a pandemic, and of course we remember that after the carnival holidays, when people had been on holiday, the first infection was detected here in the Netherlands, and I don't know how things went for you, I hear from many people that they were really scared of this virus infection at first, even the people who are more sceptical afterwards often say that they were often scared in the beginning. I don't remember that. Right from the start I had the feeling that, yes, there was a double agenda or something like that going on, but you can't prove it, you can only tolerate that things are going as they are and that you are living in two worlds: an inner world where you notice that something is being experienced other than what appears as news in the outer world. This then reached a sort of high or low point in the course of March. At first people said, oh, it will all be over in May. But in March, a number of countries deemed it necessary to close the borders and announce lockdowns, and the Netherlands remained fairly moderate in this respect, but it was of course clear that the people had to realise that a disaster was taking place. And what I actually want to say, because we all know this of course, we have experienced it all too intensely, what I want to say is that it is so remarkable that one year after the lockdown and the border closures took place and it therefore became a real problem, I have in any case noticed that a kind of loss of interest occurs. You get the feeling: we've seen it all before. And if I were to make another video, I wouldn't really know what to add any more, because everything has now been said and everything that is happening in the meantime, which is in fact a lot, no longer holds any interest. And that is why I thought: this seems to be a spiritual-natural process, that when something so intense comes into your life, you get used to it after about a year. And there are of course many different ways you can go about this. Because being used to something can mean that you resign yourself to it and I believe that we should not do that. Being used to something can also mean that you seek a different relationship to not resigning yourself to it, and I have already said this in connection with the results of the elections in the Netherlands in March that we as humans have a tremendous resilience, a resilience that is also given a foundation in the Christian experience at Easter. And when you look outside into nature, you also see how there, more or less objectively, it is shown that also nature outside of man has this resilience. And I believe that it is time for us to transform our passivity, our suffering, into positivity. I feel very clearly that I say to myself: I have had enough! And you also notice in the world that it seems as if everyone has had enough, although it is said that many people still support the government policy, but I don't really mean that, you can support it, but that doesn't mean that you haven't had enough. So on all sorts of fronts, you see that people are really fed up with it, that they have given up and that those who grumble after, move along with the fear mongering, seem more like theatre than reality.

That's how it is for me. And that gives me a very strong impulse to want to turn things around and to cheer along with nature, as I said last time. We have been blessed with a beautiful spring this year and it seems as if the plants are doing their best to compensate for what is being taken away from us in other areas. And that is not only in the plant world, but there are so many opportunities in life to look not at the negative, but at the positive. And you notice that when you get stuck in the negative, it makes you heavy, while we as humans really have another mission, another task than to drag ourselves along in misery. Now it is so that this also entails that you, that I, have had enough of politics. I always really didn't feel like it, but for a year - it had come to the fore because of the corona issue. In the Netherlands, there have been elections, followed by a tremendous scene with regard to a new formation of the government, strange things have come up, things have calmed down a bit and just now that things have calmed down a bit, a new storm is brewing in the Netherlands. It seems that the government cabinet in a certain affair - which has been going on for some time and which has also led to the fall of that cabinet - have in any case really kept a double agenda and that, as it happens, minutes exist of which the contents have been leaked. So this double agenda is now coming to light.

And I believe that this leads to reflection. First of all, you could say that if a double agenda is possible there, then it is also possible in other areas. And then, of course, it is quite possible that the whole policy surrounding Corona is presented differently than it actually is, let's put it that way. Where would you get your trust that in government affairs everything goes as it should? And why should you have any confidence at all, because heads of government are people, and they are exactly the same sort of people as all the others, not at all elitist or anything like that, they have not taken any moral exams, they have taken other exams, and they have somehow rolled uphill against the law of gravity, so you have to realise that you are dealing with very ordinary people, and ordinary people try to hide all sorts of things and present themselves differently than they are, and that is what you are constantly dealing with. And of course I would like to call on you not to do that, at least not within yourself. That you find in yourself the positivity to stick to the truth because that is positivity. Negativity is untruth and lie. Positivity is truth. But when you then look at this actually third riot within a couple of months within the government of the Netherlands - I then look back in my life and I have been a member of a board a couple of times, they were not important boards, but they were really existing boards and I have been at a loss every time, inwardly, I stood out because of my absolute silence, I couldn't manage to take part, and that had to do with the fact that I was constantly aware that certain things were being staged there and then carried out, while the outside world naturally took the scene to be real life, when in fact it was a staged production. I found that so incredibly difficult that I left the boards and at one point thanked them for the next offers, but of course it goes without saying that in other circles, in other types of boards, in a country's government, that the same thing happens there. So of course we can also try to say to ourselves: How could you ever have thought that this would not be the case in a cabinet? The Parliament is extremely perplexed and of course also angry because they have the task to control the government, but if they don't get the information they need for that, then of course they cannot. And that anger is of course justified. But on the other hand you could say: yes it is of course also somewhat silly to assume that the highest board, the government, would function differently than all the other boards. They are the same people who sit on other boards, they are the same people who go to school, to university, who have jobs, who have children, who have families, and everywhere it is clear that the human being, on the one hand, is a wonderful, beautiful, true and good creature, but that human being, that same human being, is constantly falling down. And why should this not be the case in the higher circles?

So as far as I'm concerned, these events in the Netherlands are a very clear illustration of the fact that we have to be aware that in all governance, and I believe that this really is the case in all governance, including governance in legal life, untruthfulness plays a fairly large role. And if we were to stop believing that everything is fair and square there, we would have more to show for the so-called conspiracy theories being justified, of course. Not always according to their content, but the fact that they exist is, of course, certainly justified because you see that now, in the Netherlands, in government circles, it has been proven that an agenda was pursued there which was unknown to the members of parliament and that those members of parliament are therefore in fact confronted with a small conspiracy - which, by the way, has had gigantic consequences, that little conspiracy. So we can, after all, carry this on to other programmes that are being rolled out about us without any problems.

And I think we should be on our qui vive, yesterday or the day before, it was in the paper that we can expect dangerous mosquito outbreaks to come to the Netherlands. The same Mrs Koopmans who is also working on the viruses has also been working on this, and that will be a whole new item. Another item is the threat of a cyber attack. It is known that on 9 July, soon, the World Economic Forum is organising an event in which companies can participate in order to train themselves in security against such a possible attack. Now you might say, yes, we have seen such an event before, namely in 2019, when a pandemic was simulated and a few months later we had that pandemic. So it is a bit unpleasant that something like that is being practised now, but we are reassured to read that this has been going on for years, that there are annual courses organised by this forum in which you can practise to protect yourself against such a cyber attack. But anyway, they do warn us about it and you could say, that could be the next misery that comes our way. Another misery is the prospect that the living force, the radiation power of the sun must be curtailed, because the sun provides us with the climate problem and therefore, to protect our earth, we must do something about the sun's radiation. These are tests that are going to be done in the summer and so there is a lot of misery waiting for us.

And now you will say: where is your positivity? I will say this: the positivity is that the earth with humankind is not an apparatus, it is not a machine and neither is the sun. The sun is the source of our life force. The fact that we now see nature rising to life in such an incredibly beautiful way is a direct effect of the sun, everyone knows that. It is not only a physical phenomenon, but also a biological and life phenomenon. And so the earth is not a thing that carries itself in the universe in a strange way so that you should almost be afraid that it will fall down one day, why is it hanging there? The earth is not a thing, it is not an apparatus, it is a mighty living being and we as humans have a part in that earth, we have been given a piece of it, our body, and we live in a part of that beautiful living majestic functioning earth. One could go on for hours about this because what are we actually afraid of? Of course, with life on earth comes death, that is a fact of fate, we can more or less surrender to that, that it will be on your way at some point, that point. But until that time we can put our trust in that life-giving earth, which the sun has resurrected over and over again, in which we can be happy, where we can see the most beautiful things, develop and unfold the most fantastic innate qualities, no lockdown can make that impossible for us. Except when we give up and weep - and I at least have stopped doing that after one year.

Crisis habituation: getting used to it? by Mieke Mosmuller

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  • From Thomas @
    Die Umwandlung der Corona-Situation in Positivität habe ich seit einem Jahr versucht und sie ist mir mehr oder weniger gut gelungen. Mittlerweile aber bin ich wirklich am Ende mit den Durchhalteparolen und meine Seele leidet nur noch. Was ist positiv daran, dass die menschliche Gesellschaft unter fadenscheinigen Vorwänden das, was sie ausmacht, nämlich das Soziale, abschafft? Sicher durch die damit einhergehende physisch-seelische Zerrüttung - besonders bei denen, deren berufliche Existenz vollkommen zerstört wurde und die vor dem existenziellen Nichts stehen - kommen die Menschen ihrer Exkarnation und damit der geistigen Welt näher. Doch ist das positiv? Die Menschen sind doch angetreten, die Welt zu gestalten, den Widersachermächten zu trotzen, an ihnen zu wachsen und nicht ihnen zu erliegen.

    Wenn es in Deutschland nach den Ökofaschisten (auch "Grüne" genannt) geht, sollen demnächst sogar die meisten Unternehmen in Deutschland wg. Corona ihre Arbeit einstellen. Das wäre der absolute Stillstand: der soziale Exitus. Was ist daran positiv? Wie kann ich dazu eine positive Haltung, "Positivität", entwickeln?

    Das gerade in Deutschland verabschiedete Infektionsschutzgesetz ermöglicht dem Staat - zunächst bis Ende Juni - ab bestimmten Inzidenzwerten alles dicht zu machen. Durch Massentests erhöhen sich momentan diese Werte kontinuierlich. Damit ist die Corona-Diktatur amtlich und - wenn sich nichts ändert - die neue künftige Normalität. Denn die Zahlen können manipuliert werden, wie man möchte. Was ist positiv an der Vernichtung unserer Gesellschaft durch unsinnige, unwissenschaftliche, perverse Maßnahmen? Wie kann ich - wenn ich immer mehr seelisch verkümmere - zu derartigen Maßnahmen Positivität entwickeln? Wenn beispielsweise in Texas die Corona-Zahlen sinken, seitdem der Lockdown und die Maskenpflicht aufgehoben wurden, bei uns aber mit Lockdown die Zahlen steigen, sieht man doch dass die Corona-Maßnahmen das Problem sind und nicht in erster Linie das Virus.

    Welche "Agenda" liegt eigentlich hinter diesen Maßnahmen? (Und: Wie genau sieht es da in den Niederlanden aus? Gibt es Links zu den Vorkommnissen dort?) Was ist gegen die Corona-Verschwörer (nicht gegen die sog. "Verschwörungstheoretikern"!!) aus geistiger Sicht zu tun? Wenn Unrecht zu Recht wird, wird Widerstand zur Pflicht, meinen manche. In der Geschichte reichten die getroffenen Maßnahmen des Widerstands gegen Diktaturen vom zivilen Ungehorsam über den Kampf im Untergrund bis hin zum Tyrannenmord. Aber die Deutschen (ja inzwischen schon die meisten Menschen auf dem Globus) haben eine merkwürdige Haltung zur Obrigkeit, wie schon Heinrich Heine beklagte: «Der Deutsche gleicht dem Sklaven, der seinem Herrn gehorcht ohne Fessel, ohne Peitsche, durch das bloße Wort, ja durch einen Blick. Die Knechtschaft ist in ihm selbst, in seiner Seele; schlimmer als die materielle Sklaverei ist die spiritualisierte. Man muß die Deutschen von innen befreien, von außen hilft nichts.» Doch wie gelingt diese "innere" Befreiung, wenn die Seele unter den äußeren Maßnahmen zunehmend verkrüppelt? Was hat das alles mit dem Karma der Menschheit zu tun? Fragen über Fragen, zu denen ich bisher nichts gehört habe.

    Immerhin: Erfreulich die Aktion prominenter deutscher Schauspieler, die sich mit satirischen Filmen gegen den amtlich verordneten Corona-Wahnsinn wandten . Allerdings werden sie jetzt stark diffamiert (https://www.bild.de/politik/inland/politik-inland/allesdichtmachen-ist-die-meinungsfreiheit-in-gefahr-76175412.bild.html). Noch also lassen sich nicht alle von dem behördlichen Corona-Wahnsinn anstecken. Ein Hoffnungsschimmer. Gott sei Dank!
    • From Mieke Mosmuller @
      Lieber Thomas, nein, etwas Positives in Corona selbst sehe Ich auch nicht, keinesfalls. Ich möchte nur daran erinnern, dass die Welt mehr ist als Virus, Politik usw. Gerade diese Depression, die hervorgerufen wird, scheint mir ein ‚Ziel‘ des ganzen Vorganges zu sein und solche Ziele rufen in mir das Streben nach dem Entgegengesetzten auf.
  • From Wmh @
    De medische dictatuur bereikt haar hoogtepunt bij deze corona affaire .
    Wat de wetenschap nu doet deed de kerk eertijds . Daarom zijn velen van de religie afgehaakt en vinden geen alternatief dan in een doelloze niets en atheïsme te vallen . Uitsluitend de geesteswetenschap kan daar een tegengewicht aan bieden en de weg naar het vrije denken aanreiken en ook naar echte vrijheid .
    Nu willen ze ons doen geloven en denken ze dat wij onze vrijheid via vaccinaties zullen bereiken , de waarheid is anders en de werkelijkheid veraf van dit .
    De medische apartheid die ze daardoor creëren wordt alsmaar erger en in zo een klimaat kan niets hersteld worden ook geen great reset .
    De enige issue is de weg volgen die de spiritualiteit ons biedt
    “Don’t be afraid , stay calm and pray “ ( Mother Meera )
  • From Peter Göbert @
    Corona heißt Krönung, und zwar erleben wir jetzt die Krönung, das Finale des Egozentrik-Zeitalters, daher floppen auch die vielen unglaublichen Skandale auf usw. Erntezeit, Erkennniszeit und: Spaltung mindestens in zwei Entwicklungslinien der Menschen, KI und Transhumanismus als Fortführung des Alten (aber als neu und attraktiv uns dargebracht) und der spirituelle Weg. HIer ist JETZT der eigene Standpunkt zu finden, weil die Dinge sich sehr wahrscheinlich schwieriger gestalten werden. Also: Ähnlichdenkende aufsuchen und die eigenen KInder oder Nachbarn aufklären usw... Der eigene Weg in die schöpferische Selbstbesimmung ist das Positve! Nun ist es klar und deutlich! Aussteigen aus dem System soweit wie möglich, und ins Eigene Seelenselbst einsteigen. Das kann durchaus glücklich machen, ho!
  • From @
    Een maatschappelijke discussie over een testsamenleving met een tijdelijk of meer permanent karakter is in Nederland nu vol losgebarsten.
  • From Lisa @
    I have been looking for a word to describe the "mood" that engulfed me when the "unseen enemy"as the PM named it entered reality. Need to finish your blogpost, but felt the need to write this first response as soon as I read the word Tolerance in the context of you describing your response. AH! thank you. It is indeed the way I meandered through the "looking glass" .
    Tolerance fueled by patience and a new layer in faith I started to discover. Tolerance combined with / colored in by a whole new sensation of detachement.
    ok, well time to read on...Wonderful opening! Many thanks
  • From Kees@ @
    Dank voor de Blog! Graag attendeer ik op dit interview met immunoloog hoogleraar dr Robert Gorter
    Ook Goethe (het sprookje komt langs In dit eerste deel onder andere over het immuunsysteem, het verschil tussen griep- en coronavirussen, mondkapjes, statistiek, vaccinatie en het mogelijke risico op prionziekten.
  • From Wmh @
    Eigenlijk weet nu stilaan elk weldenkend mens met gezond verstand dat deze p(l)andemie tot de grootste hoaxen behoort.
  • From Wmh @
    Morgen wordt de testwet gestemd

    Testwet: einde van onze privacy en vrijheid - Karel Beckman met Bas Filippini
    Oproep aan Eerste Kamer: Stop de Testwet!
    Op 25 mei stemt de Eerste Kamer over de wet Testbewijzen COVID-19, die door de Tweede Kamer al is aangenomen.


    Waar is men in godsnaam mee bezig ?

    Incompetentie in casu

  • From Kees @
    Graag deel ik een verhelderende tekst over de zogenaamde asympomatische besmetting, die natuurlijk onzin is, maar als onwaarheid leeft en angst creeert voor de ander:

  • From Wmh @
    Verhelderende opklaringen , interview met dr Reiner Fuellmich
    Ned ondertiteling


  • From Klaus Maria Freydank @
    Liebe Frau Mosmuller, wann dürfen wir wieder etwas von Ihnen lesen? Schreiben Sie vielleicht an einem neuen Roman? Wie geht man im Institut in den Schweizer Bergen mit der neuen globalen Situation um. Was sagen Johannes oder der Meister und all die anderen dazu? Liebe Grüße. Klaus Maria Freydank
  • From Karin @
    Beste mevrouw Mosmuller,

    Gisteren zag ik enkele van uw video’s op You Tube. O.a. over de afweging rondom vaccinatie. Tot op zekere hoogte kan ik me in die gedachtegangen vinden, maar elke keer als ik een video zie waarin de cijfers genoemd worden m.b.t. het aantal positieve tests en aantal overleden mensen tot zover, waarbij de conclusie komt dat slechts een heel kleine groep van de bevolking besmet is geraakt en een nog veel kleiner deel eraan komt te overlijden, valt mij toch steeds weer op dat er niet in meegenomen wordt dat deze cijfers de cijfers zijn binnen de situatie van de getroffen maatregelen met een behoorlijke periode daarin ook van lockdown. We weten niet hoe de cijfers anders zouden zijn geweest toch? Als we kijken naar de enorme stijging afgelopen weken van rond de 500 positieve tests per dag naar rond de 10.000 per dag in sneltreinvaart (nadat het uitgaansleven weer open was gegooid onlangs), ben ik geneigd te denken dat er slechts een klein aantal besmet is geraakt juist door de maatregelen. Het gekke is (in mijn oren) dat zodra er wordt gesproken over ‘de griep bestond ineens niet meer afgelopen winter’, dat daar 2 interpretaties op kunnen volgen....het zou kunnen betekenen dat de griep geregistreerd wordt als corona....maar het zou ook kunnen dat het logisch is dat er geen griep leek te zijn omdat mensen thuis zitten. Dan nog blijft dat voor mij een dubbel verhaal want terwijl ze thuis zaten kregen men wel corona binnen het huishouden maar geen griep. Dat klinkt dan ook vreemd in mijn oren. Maar, als we we zouden denken ‘misschien omdat we in lockdown waren was er geen griep’, dan zouden we als we die denkrichting aanhouden toch ook moeten denken dat slechts een kleine groep getroffen is door corona vanwege diezelfde lockdown/maatregelen. Maar daar hoor ik dan meestal niks over in video’s met ‘het tegengeluid’ (noem ik het maar even, al vind ik dat een wat te oneerbiedig woord voor de genuanceerde weloverwogen gedachtengangen die u uitspreekt....ik bedoel het dan ook niet oordelend en heb ook zo mijn vraagtekens bij de hele gang van zaken, maar dit is wel iets wat ik me al vaker afgevraagd heb, waarom dat dan meestal niet in de video’s meegenomen wordt).
    Ik zit al 1,5 jaar in m’n eentje in m’n kleine huisje en kom helemaal nergens door de angst (fysiek gevoelig) en maak me zorgen (kunstenaar) over mijn toekomst, dus ik probeer me graag wat op te trekken aan geruststellende video’s. Ook ik probeer (zoals u ook in een video verwoordde) mijn eigen gevoel en gedachten over het hele gebeuren te vormen, maar dat is lastig als je naar feiten zoekt maar zelfs feiten als cijfers twijfelachtig kunnen zijn (als testen niet heel betrouwbaar is) en niemand echt kan weten in hoeverre deze anders zouden zijn geweest zonder de maatregelen. De enige conclusie die ik met zekerheid kan trekken is dat mijn leven een soort van stil is komen te staan en dat behoorlijk niet goed voor me is (ik druk me netjes uit :-) ), en ik probeer mijn gedachten een soort van op orde te krijgen daarbinnen en moed te verzamelen, maar dat is lastig wanneer de wereld chronisch angst verspreid en je een gevoelig wezen bent met niet zo’n goed filter voor dat soort dingen.
    Hoe kunnen we weten dat angst onterecht is, wanneer we niet met zekerheid kunnen zeggen dat cijfers schrikbarend hoger geweest zouden zijn zonder lockdown (ook al weet ik dat het nooit helpend is om angstig te zijn, maar ja....)?

    Met vriendelijke groet, Karin
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  • From https://www.ich-quelle.blogspot.com @
    Liebe Mieke Mosmuller. Mit sehr viel Herzblut gesprochen. Danke.
    Vielleicht können sie mein neues Essay auf: https://ich-quelle.blogspot.com als eine Ergänzung aus anderer Perspektive betrachten. Mit freundlichem Gruss, Bernhard Albrecht Hartmann
  • From @
    Bijzonder artikel over het verzamelen van toezeggingen! Fondsenwervers spelen een cruciale rol bij het ondersteunen van belangrijke doelen en het bewerkstelligen van positieve veranderingen. Het is opwindend om te zien hoe de lokale omgeving samenkomt om effect te hebben. Ga zo door met het ongelooflijke werk!"
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    "twitch donaties instellen variëren in uitdaging: run voor snelheid, olympisch voor balans en Ironman voor uithoudingsvermogen. Steun atleten operation Whydonate voor deze ultieme proeven!"